Saturday, 25 June 2011

What I've Gotten For Free

In the world of freebies, I am a nobody. Till this day, I have received a Playstation 3 and an Xbox 360 for free; however, when compared to others on A4F, I am seriously behind. Some people complete these sites for the cash option (rather than the prize option i.e. PS3) and make a serious income from what I hear. 

The last time I completed one of these sites was in 2008. What has changed from that day is no longer owning an Xbox 360, and now wanting more. This blog is to keep me motivated and for readers to follow me on my path. I would like to get an HDTV still but I will choose the cash option from every other site. 

Below is a picture of when I had both consoles arrive from Amazon:



Anonymous said...

um great but how about letting people in on the action instead of just posting nothing?

johnyblaze said...

good luck with it bud