Wednesday, 29 June 2011

As Requested: Clarification as to what I am doing

I got an angry comment on my first post about not being specific. I figured instead of arguing why I did this blog (it's just personal to keep me motivated), I'd just explain.

Incentive programs are nothing new. I was introduced to this in 2007 but I know it started out with free ipods years before that. The business has expanded and there are more sites in this "area of work".

Almost all freebie sites work the same way :
  1. Create an account at the Freebie Site
  2. Try an advertiser's offer.
  3. Refer a certain number of people to sign up using your "referral link".
  4. Get your freebie in the mail
When I did my PS3 I did an offer for some vitamins and for 360 I did an offer for Colombia House. You have to choose the right offer. I usually check Terms and Conditions and see what they charge after trial periods. I would go for the recommended offers from known companies like Netflix, but be sure to read offer requirements. You can always leave me a comment and I can help I guess. Now I'm working on 2 sites so I'll keep my progress posted. Didn't know people would find my blog...

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everythingred said...

no it's just as if you ordered from Netflix alone, its just that the site gets credit for you doing an offer through them. that's how they make money and can send you free stuff.